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Ohio Military Hall of Fame
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Warrant Officer Robert D. Gabriel Class of 2008

 					Distinguished Flying Cross

United States Army

Distinguished Flying Cross

For extraordinary heroism and gallantry while participating in aerial flight. Warrant Officer Gabriel distinguished himself by heroism in action on 28 December 1966, while serving as aircraft commander of a UH-IB helicopter during a resupply mission to a heavily engaged infantry unit in the Republic of Vietnam. Upon reaching the embattled area, the flight received heavy enemy ground fire from concealed positions. Although under sporadic enemy fire, the first mission was successfully completed. While en route to the combat area the second time, positive positions of friendly ground forces were relayed to Warrant officer Gabriel, enabling him to expertly provide covering fire for the lift aircraft. As the flight neared the battle area, they again received heavy enemy ground fire. Ignoring the intense fire, Warrant Officer Gabriel attacked the enemy positions with accurate machine gun fire. As a result of this action, the enemy position was silenced and the mission was successfully completed. On the third mission, the ground commander requested an emergency extraction of a friendly force located near hostile positions. Although his aircraft had been damaged by the enemy fire, Warrant Officer Gabriel volunteered to cover the mission. His display of personal bravery and devotion to duty is in keeping with the highest traditions of the military service and reflects great credit upon himself, his unit and the United States Army.

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