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Class of 2007
Distinguished Service Cross
James W. Cannon * TSgt Army Mahoning World War II
Donald V. Flowers SFC Army Fairfield Korea
Ray E. Schmidt * 1LT Army Montgomery World War II
John K. Taft CPT Army Mahoning Vietnam
Navy Cross
John S. Evans, Jr * CBM Navy Franklin World War II
Silver Star
Reed A. Davis * PFC Army Mahoning World War II
Robert J. Drake * TSgt Army Fairfield World War II
Richard L. Holycross * CWO Marines Franklin Vietnam
Distinguished Flying Cross
David J. Larcomb LTC Army Delaware Vietnam
Scott D. Loudon CW2 Army Stark Vietnam
Kenneth S. Nadrah COL Army Franklin Vietnam
Bronze Star with "V" Device
Marchus H. Campbell PFC Army Hamilton World War II
Timothy D. Cordle SGT Army Fairfield Vietnam
Henry Lawless PFC Army Hamilton World War II
Daniel A. Lee TSgt Air Force Logan Vietnam
Robert S. Prieser * SPC Army Shelby Vietnam
Danny J. Roese CW2 Army Franklin Vietnam
Jack C. Sawyer SPC Army Highland Vietnam
Robert E. Speakman SGM Army Franklin Vietnam
Army Commendation Medal with "V" Device
Donald Miller SGM Army Lucas Vietnam
* Posthumous Award of the Ohio Medal of Valor.

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